Cornwall Triathlon (ON), the kind of local race we like

Cornwall was put on the triathlon map about 10 years ago. At the time, the swim was in a pool, and the bike course was a narrow bike path.
The site was small and could only accommodate a small venue. Three years ago, the magic happened impersonated by a new race director, a new race site and a complete new philosophy about the race.

Within those last few years, the (new) little local triathlon of Cornwall (ON) has gain in popularity.
I will not go over a very long and boring race report, but instead will simply list some of the details the race director (Rob Allen) is taking care of to make this event more special than others …

Rob has participated at many triathlons, including different brands such as Challenge Roth. We are sure he took his experience and observations made through the years, put them together to offer this great event to us. At Cornwall, you do not feel like another number, and you know the event was not made to make $$$, instead you feel that the event was made to make sure you will enjoy to the fullest.





Please add it in your calendar, you will definitely come back !!!

Cornwall Tri
Cornwall Tri

The details we like
Some of them are not for ALL the participants, instead some of those features we like are geared towards about 5-10% of the participants, but those 5-10% of people are the most vocal ones and will likely make the reputation of the race going outside the city borders. So it is a smart move to take care of them.

$3700 in Cash Prize Money.

– participants names written on bike racks, lots of room and competitive people put together.

– wonderful post-race meals

– well made and fully packed website and Facebook page (even a youtube video of the bike course).

super fun 10k loop bike course, turns, ups and downs, technical, and 8-times in front of the race site and spectators.

– clear see-through water from the St-Lawrence river, well marked swim with plenty of kayaks.

– wetsuits strippers !

– off road (not trail) run along the river, scenic and into some park and woods.

– if you are an elites/fast AG, there are some entry incentives (preferred spots in transition area,  $$$ to win and others, contact Rob before you sign up).

– one mass swim start for the sprint, one mass swim start for the Olympic, one mass run start for Duathlon, all events are well timely spread so you really « race » against the others in your event, instead of getting lost in 5-6 events going on at the same time.

– your swim time includes T1, but they even put a timer at the swim exit for you to see you actual swim time.

– the local police lend a speed0meter so you can try to impress the spectators each time you come across the transition (8x), as you speed appears on the sigh when you go by.

– kids race on Saturday, adults race on Sunday.

– are you on a budget (or cheap:) ), well you can sign up via cheque in the mail and skip online fees.

– wanna know who is coming :), see it on a map ! Nothing hidden.

– and the list goes on, feel free to comment and add some more !

This year results: here.

Avec le Québec tout proche, je pense que la compétition peut encore être plus féroce avec quelques élites en visite de Montréal 🙂
On vous attend en 2012 !

PS: please don’t judge me by my splits :), this was my first race after a year off-triathlon and off-any serious training (as we say dans le jargon : dough-boy).

3 commentaires
  1. Congratulations Rob!

    Rob and his family are involved in triathlon and I’m not surprised that he did a great job with the Cornwall triathlon.

    I had the chance to be with him on a training camp in 2003 and he was a model, he started training for triathlon, lost weight, trained hard and seriously and went to an Ironman soon after.

    Well done!!!!

    1. Well said Oli, it was a great race and it lived up to my expectations from what other people had said about the previous ones. It was a humbling race as there were lots of fast dudes there but I didn’t have any expectations and went there to enjoy the race

  2. Absolument en accord avec Olivier. Les gens de TQ ne m’aimeront pas pour faire de la promo pour les courses de « l’autre bord » mais cette course gagne à être connue. Vraiment une course ou on voit que le directeur de course se soucie vraiment plus de la satisfaction des athlètes que de la rentabilité. Le souci du détail et les petites pensés que Rob à réalisés rendent vraiment cette course formidable, très amicale, sécuritaire et on a le gout de revenir.

    Bravo Rob!