Lausanne WCS – A. Brownlee or J. Brownlee ? / And our Canadians !

Who will win on the men side this weekend ? Some say that J. Brownlee got a little more speed than his brother but we’ve seen A. Brownlee get the win over him in a French Grand Prix earlier this year. We may have some surprise, my guess is that we could see a French on the podium (Vidal, Hauss, Luis). They were respectively 6th, 7th and 10th in London. I haven’t talked about Gomez yet… He should be there also in the top 5 but I don’t think he is focusing on this race. Same thing for the others, that’s why we could have some suprise. It’s a sprint distance and the next big race is Beijing. I don’t think everybody is rested for Lausanne.

Our Canadians ! Andrew Russell ranked 40, Andrew Yorke ranked 61 and A-P Baillargeon Smith ranked 63 ! Anything can happen in a sprint distance race. We will see strong racing by our Canadians, no doubt about it !

One the woman side, can Helen Jenkins repeat her London 1st place ? Will Gwen Jorgensen run away from everybody with a smashing 5km run ? Also, the Aussies will certainly be part of the top 5 with Moffat, Swowsill and Jackson out there. It’s a tough one to call.

Chanttel Widney (number 49) and Manon Létourneau  (number 55) will make their WCS debut for Canada. I have talked to Manon and she is very excited to race with the best in the world. She told me that she has no fear about it. She will just go out ther, enjoy it and fight her way to do the best result possible ! Go luck for both of our women !

Marc-Antoine Christin is also there, to be part of the Team World Championship the next day. We are not sure about the exact team for Canada. We know that there is only two women there so they will be on the team. We have four men there, we will see who’s on the team on Sunday.

Switzerland will try to defend her title there but it will be a very close race. All countries got some very strong athletes there.

One thing is sure, it will be a great show to watch !

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