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The Canada Running Scene is now an example of succes. Check this article. Yes, Kiwis are jealous of our national hero, Reid Coolsaet.
I know Reid; I have trained with his group and have seen what they do. They don’t have massive contracts (although if it hadn’t been for the wind Reid could very well have been$36,000 better off), world-class facilities, or even good weather. What they do have is an amazing work ethic, an ability to grow awesome moustaches and a fantastic coach that has created a model for distance running success that is very much outside the governing bodies bright ideas. Overall, Canada has a pretty similar set-up in terms of governing-body infrastructure to NZ, although they actually have harder standards. What Canada has is a group like Speed River Track Club set up independently of the governing body – headed by an enigmatic coach and supported by private sponsors, most notably New Balance. The closest thing to this in NZ is Paul Hamblyn’s Stride Academy, although that is at present a university-level program.


Louis Garneau peut-être heureux, il s’offre une exposition mondiale. Encore une fois, on peut se demander comment une personne qui a des dopés dans son équipe peut oser donner des recommandations aux autres…
« I want to ask parents and coaches to be ever vigilant with children and young adults. An athlete on drugs often isn’t very obvious. We must make people aware of the problem again and talk about it as much as needed. Most of all, we all have to work hand in hand to win this fight against the worldwide performance enhancing drugs problem.

An intersting interview of Adam Campbell (husband of Lauren (Grove) Campbell, and he almost deserve a white helmet for this.
As for athletes or people that I admire, I admire anyone who pursues their sport or activity with passion and integrity.

Something is wrong with Emma Snowsill

The Olympic champion’s scratching has robbed the Noosa Triathlon of one of its brightest stars and comes on the heels of Emma Moffatt’s decision to skip the event.

Illness forced Snowsill’s hand but TA head coach Shaun Stephens is concerned about the overall welfare of an athlete who has battled ailments since her Beijing success.

The former world champion has not raced in Queensland since 2008 and has spent the past year training in South Africa and Germany with boyfriend Jan Frodeno.

Her results this year have been poor but Stephens will not insist she returns home permanently.

Snowsill’s disappointing season has complicated selection for the Olympic team.



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