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For the next few of months, I will review where the Olympic qualification process is currently at. I will take a look at each country and try to identify interesting facts about them, such as who was at the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games, who were the potential athletes in 2009-2010, who are the potential athletes since the beginning of the qualification process, as well as how can they qualify.

Pour les prochains mois, je vais faire le point sur le processus de qualification pour les Jeux Olympiques. Je vais prendre chaque pays et je vais faire ressortir certains aspects. Qui sont les Olympiens? Qui étaient les athlètes potentiels en 2009-2010?  Qui sont les athlètes potentiels maintenant et quels sont les critères de sélection pour l’équipe. On commence avec l’Australie – femmes.

Let’s start with the Australian women:



  • Michellie Jones (2nd)
  • Loretta Harrop (5th)
  • Nicole Hackett (9th)


  • Loretta Harrop (2nd)
  • Rina Hill (33rd)
  • Maxine Seear (DNF)


  • Emma Snowsill (1st)
  • Emma Moffatt (3rd)
  • Erin Densham (22nd)


  • 4 medals
  • 1 in each Olympic Games
  • 2 in 2008
  • 3 athletes qualified for each Olympic Games

2009 – 2010: Who were the athletes?


  • Emma Moffat (1st Dextro Ranking, 2008 Olympian)
  • Annabel Luxford (10th Dextro Ranking)
  • Emma Snowsill (19th Dextro Ranking, 2008 Olympian)
  • Felicity Sheedy-Ryan (45th Dextro Ranking)
  • Erin Densham (70th Dextro Ranking) (2008 Olympian)


  • Emma Moffat (1st Dextro Ranking) (2008 Olympian)
  • Emma Snowsill (13th Dextro Ranking) (2008 Olympian)
  • Felicity Abram (23rd Dextro Ranking)
  • Emma Jackson (44th Dextro Ranking)
  • Annabel Luxford (46th Dextro Ranking)
  • Felicity Sheedy-Ryan (55th Dextro Ranking)
  • Erin Densham (70th Dextro Ranking) (2008 Olympian)

2011 : Who we have now

Tri Australia criteria:

– Automatic nomination : Win the 2011 London event and finish top 3 in the 2011 ranking

Automatic Nomination

Any eligible athlete (male and female) who wins the 2011 ITU London WCS race and finishes in the top 3 positions of the ITU 2011 WCS Rankings as at 12 September 2011 will have a right to be nominated to the AOC provided that the athlete satisfies the requirements of this Nomination Criteria including form and fitness as set out in clause G(6) and complies with the ongoing obligations of clause H.

  • Remaining athletes will be determined by a discretionary process
  • None of the athletes satisfied the automatic nomination criteria

So we have (order according to the ITU simulation) :

  • Asleigh Gentle : Oceania Champion, 24th Dextro Ranking, 65th Olympic Ranking
  • Emma Moffatt : 7th Dextro Ranking, 3rd Olympic Ranking (2008 Olympian)
  • Emma Jackson : 4th Dextro Ranking, 13th Olympic Ranking
  • Emma Snowsill : 13th Dextro Ranking, 17th Olympic Ranking (2008 Olympian)
  • Felicity Abram : 23rd Dextro Ranking, 42th Olympic Ranking
  • Erin Densham : 26th Dextro Ranking, 49th Olympic Ranking (2008 Olympian)
  • Felicity Sheedy-Ryan : 74th Dextro Ranking, 56th Olympic Ranking
  • Annabel Luxford : 88th Dextro Ranking, 82nd Olympic Ranking

What is interesting:

  • Luxford who was 10th in the world in 2009 does not seems to be a contender for a spot anymore (10th in the world in 2009, 46th in 2010 and 88th this year)
  • 2008 olympian Erin Densham is improving her ranking since 2009 and seems on a good roll. Hasn’t race a lot in 2011. 8th in Kitzbuehel and 7th in Hamburg (Hamburg = Australian podium sweep 1. Moffatt, 2. Jackson 3. Snowsill). Hasn’t race since a DNF in London. We never know. We will see in April and May 2012.
  • The three spots already decided ? Moffatt, Jackson and Snowsill ? I don’t think so. Don’t count out Asleigh Gentle who probably has the better progression of the three women. Abram would be a long shot for a spot even though she is a tremendous athlete.
  • Snowsill is occasionnaly strugling with health issues, as stated in this article.

Next week, I’ll have a look at the Autralian men.

La semaine prochaine, les homme australien.

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