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Note : Dave McMahon, ex skieur de fond de calibre national, offre des cliniques de trail running l’été et des cliniques/équipe de ski de fond compétitive durant l’hiver. Le tout, dans l’immense terrain de jeux du Parc de la Gatineau, situé en Outaouais, à 90 minutes de route de Montréal. Il est fondateur des groupes Natual Fitness Lab et XC Zone.

This week, Dave shares this golden nugget with his email list subscribers:

GET OUT NOW. Meanwhile, let me just say that, twice a day I hear from one of the 700+ people on the list that they have meant to come to practice but were injured, or busy with family, or work, and now they feel that they have lost so much time that they will be at the back.  Listen, everyone is in the same situation.  Sometimes it is a race to the back 🙂  We have new people joining every week, and people coming back after time away or taking time off for other things going on in life.  A number of people (non-running types) will be re-joining the group for skiing after 6 months away doing other stuff like cycling.  There is no time like the present. The group activities are a continuous, year round pursuit. There is no start or end.  See you next time!

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