London 2012 Update – Russia wants a bronze medal

For the next couple of months, I will review where we are in the Olympic qualification process. I will take each countries and try to identifiy some facts about them : Who were at the 2000-2004 and 2008 games, who were the potential athletes in 2009 – 2010, who are now the potential athletes since the begining of the qualification and how can they qualify. 

Pour les prochains mois, je vais faire le point sur le processus de qualification pour les Jeux olympiques. Je vais prendre chaque pays et je vais faire ressortir certains aspects : Qui sont les Olympiens ? Qui étaient les athlètes potentiels en 2009-2010, Qui sont les athlètes potentiels maintenant et quels sont les critères de sélection pour l’équipe.

Week 3 : Russia –Women and Men

I will briefly talk about the women first. Russia has actually 2 spots for the women. Best athletes are Irina Abysova (45th Olympic ranking) and Alexandra Razarenova (46th). They’re in a good position to maintain their spots for the games. This would be the third time Russia has two spots at the games on the women side. Best ever result is Nina Anisimova with a 12th place at Sydney. This record should not fall in London. Russia doens’t have a tradition of success on the women side. They never won a World Cup event in the history of the sport. Only 2 medals : 2011 Abysova’s bronze in Tiszaujvaros and in 2009 Abysova’s silver on the same course.

Now the men. As you can see in this video, the goal in London is a third place :

Olympians :

2000 :


2004 :

– Igor Sysoev (15th)

2008 :

– Igor Sysoev (9th)

– Dmitry Polyansky (22nd)

– Alexander Bryukhankov (24th)

Facts :

– Best finish = 9th place

– Only 4 World Cup win

– 5 WCS medals since 2009 (no 1st place)

– No podium finishes in a World Championship or a Grand Final

2009 –  2010 : Who were the athletes

2009 :

Dmitry Polyansky (9th Dextro Ranking) (2008 Olympian)

Alexander Bryukhankov (11th Dextro Ranking)  (2008 Olympian)

– Ivan Vasiliev (19th Dextro Ranking)

– Vladimir Turbaevskiy (33rd Dextro Ranking)

– Ivan Tutukin (37th Dextro Ranking)

– Igor Sysoev (92th Dextro Ranking)

2010 :

Alexander Bryukhankov (8th Dextro Ranking) (2008 Olympian)

Dmitry Polyansky (14th Dextro Ranking) (2008 Olympian)

– Valentin Meshcheryakov (17th Dextro Ranking)

– Vladimir Turbaevskiy (20th Dextro Ranking)

– Yulian Malyshev (30th Dextro Ranking)

– Ivan Tutukin (36th Dextro Ranking)

– Ivan Vasiliev (45th Dextro Ranking)

– Igor Sysoev (104th Dextro Ranking)


2011 : Who we have now

Since I don’t speak Russian, I couldn’t find anything about the criterias for this country on their website. From what we learn in the video, Bryukhankov qualified with his 2nd place in London.

Order according to the Olympic simulation

Alexander Bryukhankov (4th Olympic Ranking, 5th Dextro Ranking (2008 Olympian)

– Dmitry Polyansky (5th Olympic Ranking, 8th Dextro Ranking) (2008 Olympian)

– Ivan Vasiliev (38th Olympic Ranking, 31th Dextro Ranking)

– Valentin Meshcheryakov (41st Olympic Ranking, 46th Dextro Ranking)

– Vladimir Turbaevskiy (42nd Olympic Ranking, 52nd Dextro Ranking)

– Ivan Tutukin (50th Olympic Ranking, 32nd Dextro Ranking)

– Yulian Malyshev (56th Olympic Ranking, 97th Dextro Ranking)

– Artem Parienko (60th Olympic Ranking, 30th Dextro Ranking)

– Igor Polyansky (73rd Olympic Ranking, 49th Dextro Ranking)


So, who is on the team if the games were tomorrow ?

– Bryukhankov and Polyansky are easy choices on the team. Who is number 3 ? They are so close in the ranking. Well, for me, it’s not complicated. Vasiliev would be my third man without a doubt. The explanation is based on a team strategy. The goal for Russia is to get a medal. Bryukhankov and Polyansky are the ones who can achieve it. They are also among the top 5-6 swimmers in the sport so it’s almost certain they will be at the front in London. The third man needs to be with them in order to help out in an eventual early break on the bike. The problem is that Polyansky and Bryukhankov could be out of the water between 1st and 5th place. You need someone else who can be out in 5-6th place or better to go out fast with them at the beginning of the bike without losing a single second. Vasiliev is the only one who can fill this position in my opinion. Of course all the Russian listed above are outstanding swimmers who always get out of the water well established in the front pack. The thing is that you need more than that. You need a top 5 swimmer : Vasiliev.

My team alternate would be Vladimir Turbaevskiy

This plan is pure speculation because do you seriously think that these three men could get away without a reaction from the other contenders ?

Next week : USA







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  1. Assuming they get three spots (tight battle) and third spot is discretionary, What about little vasiliev? Denis is as good swimmer, and perhaps better cyclist. Also has a kamikazee attitude that would help:)