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I guess it’s a new phenomenon…


Another article on Mo Farah.

“It opened my eyes to how disciplined they are,” he said. “The guys on the circuit had always said I should come to Kenya, but it was only when I took them seriously and decided to come here that I realised how hard they work.

“I couldn’t believe how many people were out running at 6am and 8am – just so many guys. There was a statistic this week that said 150 guys had the [Olympic] marathon qualifying time in Kenya. That speaks for itself.”

“If I look back at the 10,000, even though I went a bit early, it showed that you have to run fast and, bit by bit, eliminate any possible weakness. I am doing everything I can — in the gym, with the mileage – to cover every angle.”

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Let’s be honest, is falling in love with New Balance. Why? Because they have nothing to hide. They are not afraid to show the development of their shoes… (it’s uncommon in the industry since everybody is afraid to have their ideas stolen).

You can read on Irunfar the different steps of the design of the new MT110.

REBECCA ROMERO, the first Briton to win medals in two different sports in the Olympic Games, has announced her next sporting challenge – a gruelling Ironman triathlon.
The track cycling gold medallist from Beijing, who also rowed to silver in 2004 in Athens, will tackle a 2.4mile swim, 112mile bike ride and a 26.2mile marathon when she competes in Ironman UK, in Bolton, in July.

Facing stiff competition to make the grade for London 2012, the 31-year-old left the Great Britain cycling team last Autumn.

She started her professional sporting career as a rower in 1998, winning gold at the Under-23 world champs before finding the podium as part of the silver medal-winning quadruple scull team in Athens.

Speaking about her switch to an ultra-endurance event that is likely to last for over NINE hours, she said: « It’s the most iconic endurance event there is.

« I don’t just want to do a triathlon, I want to be part of a great epic event. »

« The Ironman is not so much a race but a personal challenge.

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