Demain : Course en raquette no. 2 de la série Mad Trapper

Série Mad Trapper de courses en raquettes sur neige
Série Mad Trapper de courses en raquettes sur neige vous parle de courses en raquettes depuis un certain temps.

Demain, la deuxième course de cette excellente série au lieu dans la grande région de l’Outaouais, au nord de Wakefiled, Qc.

La première course de la série à pris l’allure d’un « trail run » en raison de la température très clémente et de la pluie.

Pour l’évènement de demain, l’organisateur Mike Caldwell nous rassure :

We had a very nice dusting of light white powder last night and I just now came in from running a loop of the course. I am extremely happy to report that I didn’t make contact with even one rock out there on the loop. The snow is packed but not hard and jolting on the run.

It’s too bad we couldn’t have raced this morning because all the branches were covered in snow and the sun was creating beautiful prisms all over the place. It was a terrific morning out there.

I was also able to cut 10 minutes off my previous time. I’ve posted today’s loop on the Garmin website as well:

Race day registration is still available for anyone who hasn’t signed up yet. Monique has a new ham casserole recipe and it is awesome!

I also have a fleet of Atlas Race and Run snowshoes which I will rent for free to any first time Mad Trapper racer. Otherwise, they are still only 10 bucks a pair.

There is no rain in the forecast now, but we may get another dusting of the white stuff today. It’s supposed to be relatively warm tomorrow, so I expect a fast course and some tight competition.

Should be a fun day regardless of whether you race the Atlas 10k event or the Solefit Orthotics 5k. I also have a fun surprise for distributing my table full of Bushtukah Great Outdoor Gear prizes.

All race info can be found at

Mike  Caldwell
819 422-1222

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