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How is this going to affect USM’s ITU branded races – Sydney, Mooloolaba and the newly formed Geelong Multi Sport Festival?
Basically, it won’t affect them at all. We and now WTC the company and USM Events and Andrew Messick are more than happy for us to run ITU based events and Mooloolaba will still be a World Cup race. Sydney will still be part of the World Series championships.

In Geelong there might be a few changes; we might put a 70.3 in there and we might still include the Asiatic ITU component as well.

From that point, all of the events that we are running will basically remain the same and we will be running ITU events. Andrew Messick met with Marison (ITU President, Marisol Casado) a few weeks ago and is very inclusive in regards to that relationship, so from that point we will still be running that event as such. Then in the Challenge Cairns we will still be running Challenge Cairns.


As for avoiding injury there are certain things you can do. As an elite athlete I get physio sessions twice a week. I know I’m tight in certain areas so my physio will work on expertly loosening things up. I also stretch a lot and take vitamins – vitamin D and calcium for my bones, and a multivitamin. I don’t have protein powders, before you ask. They are best left to bodybuilders! I also change my running shoes before they get too damaged – every four weeks or so. I wear standard Adidas Supernova Glide shoes off the peg. No need for David Beckham-style customised shoes for me.

I also get access to a sports nutritionist – I see him a few times a year but we don’t talk about general nutrition. Instead we focus on pre-race nutrition. Everyone is different but the following works for me:

1) I don’t carb-load before a race. Instead I try to eat a normal diet.

2) I almost always eat pizza the night before a race because wherever you go in the world, pizza is pretty much the same and the chances of your body reacting negatively to it are slim.

3) I stop eating four hours before a race. I also don’t eat sugar before a race because I get massive sugar highs and lows; instead I’ll go for something like toast or a healthy cereal.

4) During the race I take two gels and an energy drink.

Incidentally, I enjoyed reading the comments below the line from my last column – please keep them coming! One question I was asked was how I’m able to train hard an hour after scoffing down eggs on toast. The answer? Practice! At school I had to do it quite a lot – I’d eat lunch or dinner and then train so it comes naturally to me now.

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Bret Sutton opinion on Kona and Chrissie is a must read.

Hawaii 2011, for me, will always be etched in my memory as the greatest dogfight in triathlon history.  The carnage is irreparable: Julie Dibens vowing that’s my last, Mirinda Carfrae changing coaches, Xena licking her wounds and letting the bloody dry before she comes back to prove herself, and of course the great Chrissy Wellington’s retirement.
The only difference is that Chrissy has nothing left to prove.  As only a truly great champion can say she has reached the summit.  Enjoy your rest Chrissy. You earned it like not other.  And to the deluded poison penners, the same as her advisors, shame on you!


How much of that will the U.S. attorney’s office be willing to pass along? Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for Birotte, does not strike an especially encouraging note: « We have received a request for information from USADA, » he said. « We are considering that request, in light of our legal obligations, and Department of Justice policy, and we will respond to them in due course. I don’t know when that’s going to be. »

One gets the distinct impression that Birotte is no rush to work with USADA. That — like his decision to drop the criminal case — is strange, because there is a clear precedent for athletes being sanctioned by their governing bodies based on evidence gathered in the course of criminal investigations. « That’s the way the federal agencies operated in Balco, » says Howman. A number of elite American sprinters and coaches were suspended before the 2004 Athens Olympics, based on evidence gathered in a federal investigation of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, which supplied them with a previously undetectable steroid. (Remember « The Clear »?)

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