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The race is scheduled SATURDAY at 7 PM Montréal/7 PM Guelph, et 4PM Victoria.
La course se déroulera SAMEDI à 19:00 Montréal/19:00 Guelph, et 16:00 Victoria. 

You need to install KeyHole on your computer and watch NIHON TV or NTV. You need to click on the description to see the name in english.

Vous avez besoin d’installer KeyHole on your computer et regarder la Nihon Tv or NTV, vous devrez cliquer sur les noms pour être en mesure de lire le non en anglais


Haile Gebrselassie, at 38-year-old,  will be aiming to make the Ethiopian team for the London Olympics with this Sunday’s Tokyo Marathon. He needs to run under 2 hours, 4 minutes to get his olympic spot since three Ethiopians broke 2:05 in the Dubai Marathon last month.
He failed  in Berlin last October with breathing problems. Gebrselassie has failing to finish in the 2010 New York City Marathon and failing to start last year’s Tokyo Marathon after injuring himself in training.“I have been very careful in training because I really wanted to run this race,” Gebrselassie said. “I know marathon is a huge part of the culture here and has a great tradition in Japan.”

Haile Gebrselassie, 38 ans, tentera de se qualifier pour l’équipe Ethiopienne pour les JOs de Londres au marathon de Tokyo. Il devra casser les 2:04 afin de s’assurer d’une qualification pour 3 ethiopiens ont récemment couru 2:05 à Dubai.

Il faut rappeler ses abandons à Berlin, problèmes respiratoires, New-York, douleurs au genoux et son forfait à Tokyo en 2011. 


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