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HEY! From Craig Alexander
« I’m 38. I was thinking, about 36km (into the final 42.2km run), I’m not doing another ironman this year. I was serious, I’m telling you, I’m not joking, » said Alexander who admitted he « could have stopped 1000 time in the final leg of the race he was in so much pain.

« It is not healthy to dig that deep that often. It leaves mental scars to dig that deep. »

WORLD ironman champion Craig Alexander says he can’t wait to go head-to-head with a man he has admired from afar for more than two decades and seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong has returned the compliment.


Ironman Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz City Council gave a nod to a proposal to bring a qualification round of the Hawaii Ironman Challenge to Santa Cruz in 2013.

Local athletes are meeting with the Ironman committee Wednesday, touring the area and hoping to put on a successful bid for a competition that could bring in as many as 2,000 athletes and 10,000 spectators.

The council will hear more formal plans if Santa Cruz is selected for what would be a five-year, or permanent, yearly race. Councilmember Ryan Coonerty summed up many concerns, noting that the approval would be dependant on how much private sponsorship the race would bring in to cover costs such as police and traffic

The proposal before the council claims that there is no expense on the table yet, however cities in the past have posted bid fees of $50,000 and more to get the event, which brings in as many as 1,800 athletes, 20,000 spectators and requires at least 400 hotel rooms.


Have you ever wondered what it would take to win a classic like Milan-San Remo? Cyclingtips knows the answer.

it’s really rare that the winner share this information cause a lot of specialists are going to try to determine if that rider is still human or not (doping).

Simon Gerrans averaged 211 watts for 298km (nearly 7 hrs), 2100m of climbing, and burned 5600 calories. Keep in mind through all of this that Gerro weighs approximately 64kgs.

Final 20km: Gerrans averages 300 watts for the final 20km after riding 280km.

Final 2km: Gerro averages 400 watts in the final 2km as they approach the finish.

Kudos to Gerran to share this information. Don’t


Un nouveau Colnago ( qui ressemble beaucoup à beaucoup de vélos. On veut!

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