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There seems to be a gaining trend towards holding sprint/super-sprint races at dusk.  The move by Hamburg WTS to place both mens and womens sprint races at 18:00 this year is one such example.  Having raced a night sprint myself in Wanaka, NZ as part of their National series I can see why the trend is gaining popularity with race organizers and fans.

At dusk, car traffic in towns has usually settled down.  People are out at restaurants and pubs enjoying the summer evening on patios.  What better than to give them some entertainment!  The NZ Contact Series in Wanaka did just that.  The sprint course had micro laps of 8x bike / 3x run.  With the many groups that form in short, fast paced races the crowd was always seeing action.  The atmosphere at dusk takes on a different feel, having had a few drinks seems to help as well.

Tonight we see the Canary Wharf Super Sprint (heats/finals) go off right in London’s financial district.  After finishing a stressful day of work, employees become pint holding spectators.  Last year the Aussies had a strong contingent in the event winning both the mens and womens races (Sexton/Densham).  The two champions have not returned but a stepped up USA presence, Euro flavour, and an always impressive British squad will certainly please the crowd.

Canada needs an event like this.  The night before a big race such as Ironman Canada, or Ironman Mt. Tremblant would be perfect…..just saying.

Mens 2011 Canary Wharf Super Sprint Final

Womens 2011 Canary Wharf Super Sprint Final

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  1. First time I see an athlete not using cycling shoes (Men GBR)… Does it make sense? Does the power that you could let in the bike leg (by not using cycling shoes) worth the time you save at T2?