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Here’s a video of the Canary Wharf tri that was last weekend, made by GBR national team athlete, Liz Blatchforf. This event has semi-final/final format and is a super-sprint (400m/10k/4k).


Here’s a French video of Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant featuring Magali Tisseyre.


A lot of people talked about Andy Starykowicz who did a  »hit and run » at the Abu Dhabi International triathlon during the bike section. Slowtwitch recently made a post about that and here’s Omar Nour’s (EGY) response to them.

Also, here’s ST’s post if you haven’t read it.


John D. Barrow is a mathematician who uses sports to have kids interested into math. He also have some formula’s to predict performance in certains sports.


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  1. Tout le débat Slowtwitch Andrew Staryko VS Abu Dhabi est un non sens! Merde, si tu fauches une fille a 50 km/h… qu’elle est a terre et dans le coma, c’est impensable de continuer sa course!