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Tizzy WC Preview

No better spot on the World Cup circuit to test out a new semi/final sprint distance format.  The sleepy town of Tizzy becomes alive during their annual triathlon week and this year they are in for a special treat.  There will be five races on Saturday to take in, five hours of excitement centered in the heart of the town.  Using the duck pond (200m x 100m) this year for the swim section instead of the lake, that required a bike transfer, makes this event that much more spectator friendly.  The smaller body of water will make swim start speed vital to the race alongside transitions and the finishing 5k run.  Both bike and run loops will be fast, technical, and flat.

A bit of background on how the qualification works to get through to the final.  Taken from the ITU Rule Book:

20.2. Rounds:

a.) The rounds will be called semifinals and final.

b.) A competition will have two rounds.

c.) Semifinals and final will have 30 athletes as a maximum. The number of semifinals will be as follows.


Athletes entered Semifinals:


  • Less than 30 No semifinals, direct final


  • 31 to 60 = 2 semifinals (15 to 30 athletes each)


  • 61 to 90 = 3 semifinals (20 to 30 athletes each)


  • 91 to 120 = 4 semifinals (22 to 30 athletes each)


  • 121 to 150 = 5 semifinals (24 to 30 athletes each)



20.3. Qualification to final

a.) Every semi-final will qualify a fixed number of athletes for the final. Additionally a number of athletes will qualify from all of the semifinals by times.


#   Athletes

#   Semi-Finals

#   Qualifiers per Semi (by place)

#   Lucky Losers total (best time)

31   to 60




61   to 90




91   to 120









b.) Athletes from different heats and with the same time (in seconds), which are tied in the last qualifying position, will all qualify, increasing the number of athletes qualified for the next round.

c.) Athletes who have not qualified for the final will be sorted by time. In case of athletes withdrawing from the final, replacement will be made by the first athlete who has not qualified. The replacement will happen if the number of athletes in any of the heats of the phase drops down to 30 athletes. (a random selection will be made from those athletes who have the same time). The deadline for the replacements will be when registration opens.

Hold on to your hats folks, get the Euro techno beats staged and grab a roasted boar leg for the 16th rendition of Tizzy!


The Semi’s will be hard to predict.  With the final <24hrs later the key for the favorites is to expend just enough to qualify and activate the body.  The underdogs though will make it interesting as they will lay it all on the line to qualify.  Therefore we could see close results with some top seeds being toppled but still qualifying.  In the future I feel the ITU would be wise to add incentive to the semi placing’s besides just rank into the final.  Even 25% of the total prize money ($12,500) would get the athletes really going.


Gentle is the heavy favorite with her strong running form.  She showed in Lausanne last year that sprint distance is right up her alley as well.  Expect things to be led out of the water by Routier (ESP) with crowd favorite Vanek (HUN) just on her heels.  Routier might try to get this thing split up out of T1 so that Gentle exerts more than she would like in this semi.  Gentle should have plenty of help though if there is a split from a chase pack that will have most of the field in it.

Top 3: Gentle, Frederiksen, Van Coevorden


The weaker of the 2 semis will be a tighter affair.  Razarenova (RUS) should lead this one out to the bikes looking to get away from runners Caelers (NED), Letourneau (CAN) and Mazzetti (ITA).  Things will come together on the bike and the 5k will settle this

Top 3: Razarenova, Caelers, Mazzetti




The runner’s semi.  A number of quick footed athletes in this one with a few stand out swimmers that could make the early stages of the bike interesting.  Knabl (AUT) will lead out with Le Corre (FRA) and Frommhold (GER) on his feet.  Even with a gap, the chase here will be too large to stay away from.  Onto the run the spectators will be in for a gun show for the first lap as athletes establish position before hitting cruise.

Top 3: Verzbicas, Le Corre, Tellechea



The weakest semi here but some good fish in it that may crack a split.  Schoeman (RSA) is quick enough in the water to get a decent break going over  Uccellari (ITA) and Pevtsov (UKR).  Expect that lead group to include Polyanskiy, Fisher, McMaster, Kealey, Wilson, Zachaeus, Wolfe.  I could honestly see the top seed in this one, Uccellari, bowing out if the break works well.  Could be the most dynamic semi of them all.

Top 3:

Wilson, Kealey, Polyanskiy


The swimmers semi here.  The swim train will be led by Raphael (FRA) who has some of the best start speed on the circuit.  Expects Dodds, Kerr, Maloy, Bryukhankov, Vanek, Pujades and the other Russians to all be in that locomotive line.  With this amount of power up front, Rouault (FRA) will be out of luck if he is chasing with the other stragglers.

Top 3:

Dodds, Raphael, Kerr



Hard to predict the strategy of these races without the start lists for them.  Check back Saturday afternoon for a projection once the action from Saturday has unfolded.


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