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the Trimes Team members (ITU elite athlete and 70.3 Pro) are happy to introduce you to the Workout of the Week Series. First, Andrew Russell is giving you one of his arsenal. Also don’t forget the blog. 

To start things off, none of us are coaches, what is said here is presonal experience as an athlete and gatherings from coaches and other competitors.  Take these with a grain of salt, everyone is different in terms of what works.  These are just a way to geek out and share a little bit as all triathletes inherently love to do:)

I’ll hit things off with one aspect of the swim, STRENGTH.  Strength plays the most significant role in triathlon swimming.  Technique is definitely a component, otherwise Kirsten Sweetland has no right swimming with the Centre boys half the time.  But strength is needed to hold technique, especially when fatigued.  You can drill yourself to sleep but if you can’t hold form at 1100m into your swim then your wasting your time.  Speed is another component.  I’d say speed plays a role up until the first turn bouy, 250-350m, and then strength takes over.  The gaps in triahtlon swims don’t occur in that first bouy leg, often they occur on the second lap when fatigue can settle in.

I believe strength in swimming is not an aspect you work in the offseason and then replace in the summer with threshold + speed.  Strength needs to be incorporated 12 months of the year with constant attention.

With the preamble a side lets get to the workout:

Long course meters is the way to go to become a stronger swimmer.  Short course to for speed, LC for strength.

Done today at UBC Empire Pool:


WU 1k:  As you feel – split it up or go thru it straight.  Real ez focusing on establishing feel and body position.


500 as 25fly/25bk/25fly/25fr continuous – Fly is strong w bk+fr to recover

– I find this piece builds strength while also activating me for the main set

5×200 band only – build last 50 to strong

200kick / sw

800 pp steady – focus on core recruitment to pull increased volume of water not just your arm/shoulder/back

500 same as 25fly/25bk/25fly/25fr cont.(hurts this time around:) )

400 pb w 6 strokes AS FAST AS YOU CAN (AFAUC!) per 50  rest real ez

6×50 25!/25ez

200 ez

Pace times are as you feel.  One of the things I learnt from training with Simon is to watch the clock a lot less.  This session is not about hitting pace times or sticking to rigid intervals.  It is about getting it done and becoming stronger.  When you feel ready to go, then go whether thats 4 seconds or 22 seconds, doesn’t matter.



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