Workout of the week #3 > From Marc Antoine Christin.


So I’ve been training with the ULaval cross country and track team for the past 2 months. I’m really happy of the progression I had during XC season. Two months ago, I could barely run 40-50k a week (coming back from a recurring injury). Coach Felix-Antoine helped me a lot and I’m now able to log some relatively big mileage, bigger than I ever done. And did some great quality workouts.

Warm up: 6k jog (about 30mins)/ drills and strides.

Set1: 2x(45sec uphill @75% of your max speed R: 1:30 – 500m @3k race pace) R:5 between the series

set2: 2x3k @ [realistic]10k race pace R:6

Warm down: 6k-jog back to campus

It looks like a big set, but we ran conservatively trying to save our racing energy for TODAY and had lots of rest between intervals to make sure we keep good form. Also, my second 500m was faster than my first one (1sec only) and my second 3k was faster than my second one (6sec). I felt in control and loose.

Will be back in tri-mode next week..

Go Laval!


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