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From Andrew Russell

Colder temps bring upon a shift in training.  Go indoors, ride slower (cross/mtb), and/or run more.  I’ve chosen the later.  This time of year I find I have all the motivation in the world to get out there and rip the trails a-foot.  Less people, less dogs.

There should still be little structure to things at this point.  Just get out and train. A lot of runs i’m doing now are random fartlek. I go out for 75-90′ and run as I feel.  Twisty, undulating trails are best.  Strengthen your glutes, ankles and core.  Punch it up small risers, relax on the downhill, go as you feel.

On occasion, run with someone much quicker than you, let them set the pace and hang on!

Having fun is the priority!

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