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By Amélie Kretz.

Every Monday morning at the pool I try to do a steady quality workout to prepare the rest of the week. That type of workout is really important for me especially if I didn’t swim on Sunday because I can focus on my technic and find my feelings of the water again. So, on Mondays, we usually do little sets with a bit of activation and then a longer set on a short but easy interval. Here’s the workout:

Warm up

400m swim
400m kick/catch by 50m
400m pull breath each 5 strokes or you can use a scuba
3x100m on 2:00 drill/swim (focus on your distance per stroke) by 50m.

10x50m kick on 1:00 descend 1-5 (2x)
10x100m on 1:30 pull negative split (last 50m faster than the first one). You can add paddles for half of the set if you want.

10x200m 2:50

the goal is to swim at a steady pace for the entire set. Try to have 10-15sec rest.

Cool down

100m-200m easy swim. Try to do a little bit of backstroke/breaststroke

Total: 5100-5200m



Total: 5100-5200m

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  1. Nice set that introduces the noting of working on send off intervals; which brings along the question of how to establish our send off intervals.

    In this particular case, a good way could be to perform an extra 200m rep at your slowest possible pace, and use the result as your target sendoff interval. So for instance if you manage 3:30 for 200m at a very very comfortable pace, that 3:30 may become your send off interval, which means that in order to respect Amelie’s prescription, you need to make every 200m in 3:15-3:20 to allow for sufficient rest.

    Note that this is obviously a good fit for working on tempo, for those who use a Tempo Trainer.