Hamburg Trimes Pool Analysis

With many of you signed up for the Trimes Pool this weekend in Hamburg we did some preliminary analysis to see where things lie.  In the men’s event the heavy favourite is Alistair Brownlee at 81% for the win.  Last time he was beaten was almost two years ago, fair enough.  Brother Jonny is next in line for the win with just over 15% of the vote while Murray and Mola are outsiders for the win picking up a few votes that may become critical if an upset were to occur.  Interestingly enough, Gomez had no votes for the win, too many races under his belt?

As we look at podium placing it gets more interesting with 10 different athletes making the vote.  Again the brownlee brothers dominate the vote with over 60% of the collective vote.  Spaniards Mola and Gomez sit next with approximately 15% each for a podium performance.  An interesting pick comes from Phil Tremblay with Gregory Rouault for bronze which is a solid outsider pick

On the Womens side things are not so clear cut, which is evident of the recent races being more intriguing and unpredictable than the men’s.  For the win, Jorgensen, Haug, and Stanford share about a quarter of the vote each.  Looking at Podium placing  the same three again share the majority at roughly 20% each.  However, there are a slew of other ladies that have garnered votes, notably Hewitt, Moffat, and Stimpson.

Please join us on race day here on trimes for a live chat as the races unfold.  See how your picks fair while tri talking with others.  Enjoy!


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