Divorce officiel entre Cervélo et TBB.

Alors que Cervélo à sans aucun doute un Kona de rêve avec la victoire de Frederik Van Lierde (non TBB) ou encore la deuxième place de Rachel Joyce.

Cervélo et l’équipe TBB ont décidé de mutuellement casser leur entente. L’ancien groupe dirigé par Brett Sutton avait comme mission de développer des nouveaux talents comme Chrissie Wellington, Mary Beth Ellis ou encore Caroline Steffen.

Malheureusement, Cervélo a décidé de changer sa stratégie en marketing et en se focalisant sur des individus et non des groupes.

Pour mettre en situation, Cervélo a été racheté l’année dernière par le groupe hollandais PON.


teamTBB and Cervélo Agree to Dissolve Partnership

November 14, 2013 – Bangkok, Thailand and Toronto, Canada. After seven years of producing the most successful professional team in triathlon history, teamTBB and bike sponsor Cervélo have mutually decided to part ways. The contract will end November 14, 2013.

“Cervélo looks back on a very successful era in triathlon in which teamTBB has played a key role developing triathlon superstars such as Chrissie Wellington, Mary Beth Ellis, Caroline Steffen and many others,” said Cervélo managing director Robert Reijers. “We thank teamTBB and its athletes, management, and coaching staff for seven incredibly successful years culminating with two top-5 pro-finishes at the 2013 Ironman World Championships in Kona. “Cervélo is proud to have supported teamTBB in achieving its vision of providing hope and opportunity through sports with successful projects in Thailand, The Philippines and Mexico”.

“teamTBB is grateful for Cervélo’s support,” said teamTBB co-founder Alex Bok. “In 2007, when the Cervélo founders decided to become one of the first sponsors of our newly established team, they saw the potential of the team. Since the start Cervélo has provided teamTBB with the fastest bikes on the market, and this technical benefit has helped our athletes in the hundreds of race wins we have accumulated over the years.” Bok added, “Both teamTBB and Cervélo are interested in pursuing new directions in the sport of triathlon, and it became apparent after weeks of discussion that the best path for both of us was simply to part amicably.”

For Cervélo, the decision to end the partnership is based on a changed triathlon strategy, which will move its focus from team-based sponsorships to individual athletes. “This strategy continues to focus on product development through athlete input. Cervélo will remain fully supportive of the sport that built its success”, Reijers said.

teamTBB will continue to operate a sustainable and professional sports organization that will help improve lives around the world with one new globally operating Pro Team in 2014 and five country-based elite development and age group athlete teams in countries such as the USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Japan.

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