Prediction contest is back!

Trimes resumes its prediction game. By the way, we were the first ones to do it, before Trifecta! This year, Trimes will offer un Trimes shirt to the winner of each race. In case of a tie, the youngest person will be the winner. Trimes will also pay the shipping cost to Europe and North America. The first race, Abu Dhabi, will be held on Saturday ( 8am North Carolina / East Coast / Canada – 2pm France).

Good luck!

Predict the top 6 of each WTS race.

Rules are simple:

  • 10 points for the good position

  • 6 points if one position away from the prediction

  • 4 points if two positions away from the prediction

  • 2 points if three positions away from the prediction

  • 1 point if four positions away from the prediction

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