The Chronicles Of Laurent Vidal: The 10 Points That Make The Difference – Selection From What I Have Learned

“I discovered triathlon 21 years ago in my city of birth, Sète, south of France.
Since I started triathlon, I have built my experience across the people I have met, races, trips, training camps and of course all those many hours spent swimming, on the roads and the dirt…

in these chronicles, Alexandre is giving me the opportunity to share these experiences with you. 

Enjoy the read, Laurent.”

“have a cult for critical spirit” Louis Pasteur


For this first chronicle, I will give the priority to the 10 points, which will lead your preparation to the performance. Chronicle #1: the 10 points that make the difference – Selection from  what I have learned.

10) Quantity and regularity: most of progression comes from repeating the same moves and it takes way more than a week to reach perfection.. It’s quantity within durability that pays off.

9) Being supported: even in individuals sports, a success is the result of a team work. Surround yourself with people who support you and your projects and on who you can rely on.

8) Take time to recover: The most important phase of training is recovery. Give yourself some moments of rest in order to assimilate training on the physical level and more importantly on the mental level. Do not feel guilty to rest, you have deserved it.

7) Eating well: Your diet influences your body and your spirit. Eat healthy, in quality and variety.

6) Being innovative: Do unusual things, get out your comfort zone, take risks and pay attention to all details. Stay open minded.

5) Being well informed: With internet, knowledge is everywhere and is easy to get. Don’t assume that knowledge will occur to you like this, it won’t happen unless you make the effort to look for it.

4) Defining your objectives and preparation well ahead: Knowing where we are and the direction where we want to go in the short-, medium- and long- term in elaborating a plan, stage by stage will help you  a lot. Periodization of your training allows for maximal improvements and enables establishing a new line of conduct after becoming self aware of the work that remains to be done.

3) Trusting yourself: Limits? You are the only one setting them up. Do not succumb the temptation to compare yourself with others. Learn to work by instinct and feel. Sometimes, there is no need for rational explanations, you may have to do something just because you feel that it will help yourself improving.

2) Individualizing and adapting: Simply because you are someone unique hence different. Nobody knows yourself better than you. A coach is only there to adapt training but he will never be able to know how it feels for you.

1) Be happy: Nothing works and lasts without joy and happiness, sport is about playing and health before any other thing.

Game on,



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