Elite Bike – Matt Sharpe.

Trimes will ask elites to show us their race bikes. We asked Matt Sharpe, Canadian ITU athlete and Wollongong Wizard member, to start the series.


The shop called the day before.

« Your bike just got here. Should be ready for around one tomorrow. »

« Sweeeeeeeet! »

Its a special feeling for sure. I like to think of myself as someone who isn’t really about things; experiences are more important. But this is a little different. A bike is a thing, that is certain. But it enables experiences.

Exhilarating races, hammerfests with the crew and spins to the cafe. These are what our bikes can allow us to experience. Shared or solo.

This bike itself was precipitated from an experience. One June night in a Victoria Oyster bar I was able to meet with the reps from Cannondale. Rob Boyce, National Sales manager and Pascal Wehr, BC Sales Head. Matt Patriquin from Fort Street Cycle had set it up as they were in town for a demo day. It was a nice evening, we hung out, swapped riding stories and I was able to introduce myself a bit. Things were going great, I thought to myself. Until one sideways comment had me scrambling for the rewind button.

« Yeah I just came from my Grandma’s birthday. She turned 92, that’s crazy! I’d be stoked to live half that age! »

« Hey! I’m getting there! You think I’m old!?! »

« Uhhhhhhhh. »

*3 second pause of death*

I blanked, it was not pretty. It was excruciating.

I think Rob was messing with me, but at the time I thought it was all over. I’m not sure he would remember that one, but I sure did!

I rolled over to Fort Street around 1. I had my buddy Esrah Boulton swing by to capture some snaps, because sometimes the phone doesn’t do it justice.

The Supersix Evo is the same frame as I’ve used before, and based on my previous experience riding it I am extremely happy with that.

The Green is distinct and it drew my eyes along the frame.

 webRes-11 (2)

 webRes-3 (2)
The gearing was a pleasant surprise to me. More of a mid-compact setup of 52/36 which is awesome for someone like myself looking for any advantage on the hills.
webRes-6-1 (2)
Of course, I wasn’t content to have it sit there, so we tossed some flat pedals on it. Not exactly performance spec, but neither are the Sanuks I was wearing.
webRes-13 (2)
webRes-19 (2)
Of course, I was loving it. The contrast from my winter bike was evident from the first pedal stroke and it just reminded me of what a bike is really about. Freedom.
webRes-24 (2)
I have to thank the guys at Cannondale, I’m grateful for the support and looking forward to building on our relationship. Still can’t believe I got to take it home.
webRes-32 (2)
webRes-33-1 (2)
Matt’s 2015 Cannondale Supersix Evo
webRes (2)
Supersix Evo Hi-Mod frame, 60cm
Dura Ace 9000, 11 speed 12/28
Cannondale Hollogram Crank
FSA Chain Rings, 52/36
Shimano RS81 C24
25mm Schwalbe ONE
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