Introducing Mohamad Alsabbagh!

Mohamad, you recently explosed on quebec’s triathlon scene by finishing 4th in Drumonndville and 2nd canadian, 11th overall in Coteau Du Lac ITU, 3rd in Magog. Congrats.

Tell us a little bit about you ; where you’re from, how old you are, how long you’ve been doing triathlons, what brings you in Montreal, how long you’re staying, etc.

I’m from Damascus-Syria. I’m 21 years old. I started triathlon in 2005.I come to Montreal in order to have better education and better training than what I have before.I don’t know how long I’m going to stay here yet, but I think i’m going to stay for a long time because I like everything so far.

What are your goals and objectives for this summer?!

I hope to be in the top 3 athletes of Quebec. However,my goal is to perform better in all my races and improve my triathlon skills and specially the running.

I know that you train with Raymond Paris and Les Rapides, how did you end up with this group?

I love my team

Les rapides I’m so lucky and happy to be in this team. We have really strong athletes whom give me a good motivation to train harder with them. Coach Raymond and Sylvie are like my family here I’m so lucky to have them too.

What is the biggest différence between the triathlon world in Syria and in Québec?!

First, the pollution, we have many cars in the streets and we don’t have a special road for the bike which is affect on our training. Quebec has a

mazing weather, I mean fresh air and perfect roads for the bike. Second, triathlon sport is a new sport in Syria it has been played by the athletes only around 10 years ago so we don’t have expert coaches, while in Quecbec I see many teams and many good athletes. Finally, the sports system in Syria is different than Quebec. For example we don’t have sponsors for triathlon sport in Syria.

(… Puts in perspective our view of the sport and our always complaining triathlon community….)

Speaking of sponsors, how are things going for your in terms of sponsorship?

I have only one sponsor and it’s Cycles Technique.

Those who saw you race both in Drummondville and Coteau du lac noticed that you are riding on a relatively old bike,no aero wheels. That’s a huge punch of the face of all the guys out there spending hours choosing their bikes, wheels, tires, etc.  Do you feel it makes a big difference?

Yes, there is a different because I don’t feel my legs after the biking part of triathlon sport :). I mean if I had a better bike I would run better than what I did in many races.

What is next for you? Looks like you are a really good open water swimmer, are you planning on racing open water swimming races in Québec?

Actually, I was swimmer before I entered triathlon sport. I trained for 10 years swimming and I have a good experience in open water races, but I’m not doing any open water race this year. My next race is Verdun triathlon, the 14th of August.




Mohamad, please know that we at Trimes will always be happy to help you if you need anything. Thanks for your time, good luck with everything and hope you enjoy your new family!

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  1. On devrait envoyer quelques triathletes quebecois en syrie faire un petit camp d’entrainement testiculaire! 🙂