la floride c'est ça?

Nous avons un temps de m….. beaucoup beaucoup de vent….

Hier, nous avons eu un discours assez pessimiste, nous disant qu’il ne savait pas ou on allait nager.. le golfe, le harbour ou notre baignoire…
Pour résumer.
WTC has a contingency plan to run the swim on the harbour side which is literally dead flat. Here is the summary
The pros will start in one wave from the sound of things.
The rest of us will have TT start diving off a dock.
The course will run counterclockwise, ending at a point 400m run from transition
WTC will decide at some point tomorrow if they go with the original plan (Gulf of Mexico swim with wave starts) or the Contingency plan (Harbour swim with TT start)
If they change to the contingency plan and the Gulf suddenly turns dead flat on race morning, they will stick to the contingency plan

Pour finir…
« Suffering is mandatory,choosing to enjoy your suffering is optional. » – Al Boelk

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