les chiffres

Over 31 percent of the 1,650 athletes in the field are women.
The largest men’s division is men’s 35 to 39, with 219 athletes.
In the women’s race, both 30 to 34 and 35 to 39 have 83 athletes.
55 countries have athletes competing. The largest represented is the US, with 753. Canada has 138 and Great Britain has 104.
Calgary is the largest city represented with 27 athletes.
The oldest competitors in Saturday’s race are 79-year-old Madonna Buder, from Spokane, Washington. Lew Hollander, from Bend, Oregon and Bob Scott from Naperville, Illinois are both 79, too.
The youngest athletes in the race are18-year-old Victoria Juanicotena from Cancun, Mexico and Stephen Harvey from Statesbory, Georgia.

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