Trimes digs Andrew Yorke

This week, we are happy to introduce to you yet another athlete from the Canadian National development team, Andrew Yorke.

Andrew from Caledon, ON along with many other elites from Ontario (C3 Cross Training) is coached by former national coach Barrie Shepley.
He suffered from a few long terms injuries but was finally able to make a wonderful come-back in 2010.

Winning the ITU in Soulanges and the Ontario Long Course provincial in Ottawa helped to make him earn a slot in the national development team.
Andrew accepted to answer our silly questions …

Andrew winning ITU Coteaux 2010

Comment as-tu commencé le triathlon ? Age ?
How did you start triathlon ?
My first race was the Caledon Kinetico Kids of Steel Triathlon hosted by the C3 Triathlon Club in 2001. I did the race as a 12 year old and I remember racing up a category because I thought the distance was too short!

Quels sont tes objectifs pour la saison 2011 ?
What are your goals for the season ?

My major goal for the 2011 season is to be consistent with my training so that I don’t miss large stretches of training due to injury which has occurred in the past. Regarding performance I would like to see myself top 10 in the Monterrey and Edmonton World Cups, 1st at Coteau Du Lac ITU, Podium at Elite Nationals in Kelowna and top 5 at U-23 Worlds in Beijing. Along the way I would like to drop my 1500m swim from 17:45 to 17:10 and improve my 10k from 31:56 to 31:00.

Quelle est la chose que tu te répètes souvent ?
What do you keep repeating to yourself ?

« Roll » when swimming and « pick up your knees » when running.

Quel est ton point fort selon toi ? Ou ta discipline favorite (nat,vélo,cap) ?
What is your strength ? According to you ! Or your favorite event (swim/bike/run) ?

My strength would be the bike, but the run is what allows me to win races. The run is definitely my favourite of the three sports, and I run XC and Track for McMaster University during the school year.

Tu te vois où dans 5 ans ?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
Competing late into the run with the best in the world.

Triathlon Longue distance dans ton future ?
Long distance triathlon in your future ?
Perhaps, Peter Reid was my inspiration growing up but I think I am better suited to draft legal racing.

Quelle est ta semaine type (en saison) ?
What is your usual training schedule (week during the season) ?
Tempo run am
Quality Swim pm
90 min swim am
2 hr steady ride noon
60-90 min water run pm
60 min run am
2 1/2 hr ride noon
Quality Swim pm
90 min swim am
2 hr steady ride noon
60-90 min water run pm
Quality Run intervals am
Quality Swim pm
Open Water intervals am
Quality Bike Intervals noon
40 min ez run pm
Long run am
Ez spin noon
Recover swim pm

Ton matos favori ? Marques que tu utilises, tes sponsors ?
What gear/brands are you using ? Any sponsor or favorite product ?
Gears Bike Shop along with Specialized Canada provide me with a Tarmac SL which is phenomenal ride! I also use Specialized helmets, shoes and gloves for training and racing. Xterra wetsuits keep me moving in the water and Kinetico Water provides me with the purest drinking water.

Pre race check

Your tunes for your training ?
Ta musique d’entrainement ?

I listen to punk, metal and rap when training. If I’m relaxing I like to listen to City and Colour or Mae.

Un athlete que tu admires ?
Any athlete you admire ?
Quenton Cassidy of Southeastern.

Ta citation !
Your motto !

Train or Die.

Thanks to you Andrew !!!

We wish you good luck for 2011.
See you in Soulanges

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    1. Hey Reid, I heard you are able to do 2:20 water run!

      Can you do a video of water running? I still don’t get it.

  1. pretend like you’re running but in the deep end of the pool, same motion. You might need to wear a flotation belt at first to get used to it.