C'est peut-être pour cela que certains réussissent en ironman…

Ceci est un extrait d’endurance corner. Blog dont je conseille la lecture régulière.
Voici leur stratégie pour les briques en préparation d’un ironman.

  • Etape 1: (First time doing it in a season or if you’re beginner) 2 hour easy bike followed immediately by a 60 minute easy run.
  • Etape 2: 2:30 ride with some specific pace work related to your event, for example: 2-3 x 20 minutes at IM race effort with 10 minutes easy between. Run 90 minutes easy off the bike.
  • Etape 3: 3 hour ride with very specific race main set, for example: 40 minutes IM race effort, 20 minutes half IM race effort, 10 minute TT effort. Run 90-120 minutes easy.
  • Etape 4: 4 hour well-paced ride, 90 minute run with 60 minutes race-specific run effort.
  • Step 5: 4 hour ride with race-specific work. Run 2 hours with race-specific work, for example: 1 mile reps at goal race pace or 3 x 5km race specific pace work.

If you complete step 5 successfully one or two times in your race prep you will be ready to rock the race of your life. You will completely understand your pacing, know if your nutrition is going to work race day, and know if your equipment and planning is suitable for where you are at.

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