Une course neutralisée…

Si vous avez loupé un épisode, on disait que les nord-américains avaient tendance a neutraliser tout danger… finalement, les meilleurs cyclistes au monde font la même chose… À mooseman 70.3, ils avaient installé une zone avec une limitation de vitesse… Le trimeux belge nous avait dit que cela n’arriverait jamais en Europe, sauf que pendant l’étape du tour (épreuve cyclosportive) une descente a été aussi neutralisée… hmmm cela risque de créer une nouvelle tendance. Heureusement Thor existe.

Voici l’opinion de Thor Hushovd (source: cyclingnews)

“What happened is not normal,” Hushovd said on the phone. “I’m very sorry for the riders who crashed. It was a big mess. But yet, this is still a bike race. Crashes happen all the time. It’s been a really big mistake from ASO and the UCI commissaires to agree to neutralise the end of the stage. The Tour de France is a big, big race. Things like that shouldn’t happen. Why should Cancellara decide? “I’ve been riding all day for the stage win and the green jersey and I end up with nothing,” “This is not fair. Will the same thing happen tomorrow? Will the times for GC be taken before the pavés sections? If Alberto Contador or another big rider crashes tomorrow on the cobblestones, he’s entitled to ask for the race to be neutralised too! So when will we race, really?”

Et voici la vision américaine Chris Horner (source: cyclingnews)

“They put on a dangerous stage and so when they put it on like that, that’s the result they’ll get,” Horner told Cyclingnews. “They got all their drama on the descent and they lost it all at the finish and they got what they deserved. The only thing more stupid about this stage is the pro cycling federation and Cedric Vasseur for ever letting a stage like this exist in the first place. There’s no place in the Tour de France for a stage like this.”

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