Floyd Landis resume les 20 dernières années en quelques phrases.

Je sais que certains ne l’aiment pas. Que c’est un peu facile de tout dévoiler maintenant… Que le milieu vous dira qu’il est complètement fou… sauf que…

Ce sont des personnages comme lui qui nous feront sortir de la noirceur.

Voici ses derniers propos qui résument très bien la situation. Quelques personnes du milieu semblent aller dans la même direction dans les accusations envers l’UCI. J’espère que vous n’avez pas oublié le fameux don du bras fort à l’UCI (il ne se rappelait pas du montant à six chiffres.)

“The team had a well-organised blood-doping program, and used other products so that our levels remained normal. You can use the word systematic.”
“There was always a way to invoke a problem with the bus, others could not see inside. You need a few people, as well as the doctors, as in the bus there were nine [riders] to have it done [the transfusion] to at the same time. A transfusion takes about fifteen minutes. When you reach this point, it’s something in common [with the riders]. It was routine, there was no debate to be made, we all knew we would do it. It was part of the job, it was a trivial thing.”

“In the peloton, everyone knows that Pat McQuaid, Hein Verbruggen and other leaders of the UCI protected some riders and not others during the past 20 years. It was their way of manipulating and creating stars,” he claimed.

Sur Contador
“I know that riders take Clenbuterol”
“The risk of being ‘caught’ is higher now than before, but this risk is still relatively small, because this substance has usually disappeared when by the time of the doping control.

Pour lire l’intégralité de ces propos, c’est ici : http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/6534/Landis-describes-alleged-US-Postal-Service-doping-incident-during-2004-Tour.aspx#ixzz16m2LHskc

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