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Lauren (Groves) Campbell
I was initially disappointed with my result. Again, I don’t like racing if I’m not « really » ready. But, looking back on it, I realize that I did have a solid race. And, my gosh, it’s only JANUARY. Sometimes you have to keep things in perspective.

Kirsten Sweetland
Training otherwise has been really really good. This is the most consistent I have ever trained. Just constantly tired and sore but always able to pull out a good session. No hiccups. Last week was slightly different from our usual routine and going back to the same sessions 2 weeks later really made our progress visible. I didn’t know how much you could improve in 2 weeks!!

Paula Findlay
The training has been going great for me, it’s nice to have no outside distractions and to be able to rest properly between workouts. I was training in Lahaina with the U of A swim team for my first two weeks here, doing lots of double swim days and some really good work. It took me a while to start feeling normal in the pool again after Christmas break, but the second week was much better and I definitely improved my swim a lot in those 10 days….

My running is coming along surprisingly well since I’ve been here. I was having some knee pain before I left, but the warm weather combined with lots of treatment has loosened me up lots and I’ve been getting some good workouts in, so I’m very happy!

Kathy Tremblay
? training with Moffat & Co.

Kyle Jones
I’ve just returned home from a 3 week training camp in Maui. At the beginning of January I was feeling pretty well recovered from surgery and ready to start doing some work, so this camp was just what I needed to get back on track. Aside from a bike crash at the end of week 1 I’m really happy with how things progressed.

Andrew Mccartney
This year, I am healthy and gaining some good fitness for the 2011 season. We are working hard here and the gains should give all of us a good start to the season… Swimming has been fantastic… I am building up my running from an injury but I am well again and progressing quickly.

Simon Whitfield
? Please Simon, Tell us that you are all going to destroy them :-p

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