Weekly Quote/Citation de la semaine > Dopers.

Tyler Hamilton.
“There’s no easy way to say this, so let me just say it plain: on Sunday night you’ll see me on 60 Minutes making a confession that’s overdue. Long overdue,” “During my cycling career, I knowingly broke the rules. I used performance-enhancing drugs. I lied about it, over and over. Worst of all, I hurt people I care about. And while there are reasons for what I did — reasons I hope you’ll understand better after watching — it doesn’t excuse the fact that I did it all, and there’s no way on earth to undo it.”

Lance Armstrong.

Pat McQuaid.
« I’m not happy there are team managers who have been doping as athletes themselves, I’m not happy they understand the responsibility they have to the sport. »

« Any cyclist who is involved in a doping infraction in their career cannot come back into management of a team in the future, ». « We do suffer. And all sports suffer, from the fact that athletes tend to become officials afterwards. There’s a constant circle, and it’s very hard to break. »

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