Rumors > The Garmin Vector Pedal.

So you have been waiting to pull the trigger to get a pedal-powermeter. You were excited that Garmin was entering the market and hoping it was going to be the accessible offer… Sorry.

The system should be available after Interbike (Sept 2011).

  • Price: Around $1,500
  • Pedal: Exustar.
  • 36 strains gauges (a lot more than SRM).
  • battery pack on the crank arms (no more slick-clean bike).
  • the Vector is able to generate new types of power feedback, such as left/right differential from each pedal, out-of-the-saddle versus in-the-saddle power and more.


7 commentaires
  1. Garmin sort une pédale (Exustar) avec 36 capteurs donc plus que SRM fait actuellement. Ça devrait couter aux alentours de 1500$. La batterie sera dans la manivelle du pédalier.
    Les informations que pourra te donner le capteur en plus de tous ce que fait un capteur de puissance, sont la puissance développé dans chaque jambe ainsi que la puissance en danseuse ou assis sur la selle.

      1. Te fou pas de moi, je dois travailler mon anglais sinon je peux pas suivra la moitié des vos conversations!!!

  2. So is this rumor or not? I have heard so many things. I was hoping for Speedplay but oh well ……what TYPE of (model) of Exustar (there are many varieties)? $1,500. !!! WTF!?
    Hope to not pay that much and have a ton of « hiccups » ….that would completely suck! Speedplay …..ha, ha …what a bunch of dumb-asses ….screwed themselves out of a great product I guess. Where is your info. coming from?