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Another interview of Simon Whitfield, one day Trimes need to digg him! This article is about recovering, longevity and Simon telling us that you don’t want him to be your coach.
Une autre entrevue de Simon Whitfield, en espérant que ce soit le tour de Trimes un jour…


Another interview of Mario Vanhoenacker, the new world record man, but the missing question is… You know that the race was too short, right?
Une autre entrevue de Mario Vanhoenacker, le nouveau record man, malheureusement, il manque la question que tout le monde se pose… tu sais que le parcours est trop court, non?


Les réalités du cyclisme, une chronique intéressante de Jeremy Roy… on commence à comprendre pourquoi ça tombe…  Les directeurs sportifs nous criaient dans l’oreillette de remonter quand ils nous voyaient traîner à l’arrière. Pas agréable de se faire engueuler. Thomas Voeckler, on s’est évadé par le bas-côté, je me suis faufilé entre deux spectateurs.


Another ad from Nike. This time we learn that the skater are using OUR Lunarlon (lunar plateform) in their shoes! Yep they need absorption!


Another really good read from the power scientfist. The Tour de France: Power outputs from the outside in
the average power output during the stage is « only » 176 W (the green line in the graph).  I say that because many of you would be perfectly capable or riding at that intensity for 5 hours if it was required.  However, the key point is that there are periods of almost no work, where the power output is down in the 120 W range, and there are periods where it is up above 300 W, most notably at the end, which I’ll get to shortly.

Telling is the cadence, shown by the blue line – only 66 rpm average, which shows that Horner was sheltered in the peloton and therefore riding a very efficient day’s racing.  Speeds of 40km/h or faster could be maintained at a power output of only 150 W, with a greatly reduced need to even pedal, let alone pedal hard, thanks to the drafting effect!



Une autre galerie photo de vélo qu’on aimerait vraiment avoir même si le mécano est pas approuvé. 


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