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Legendary coach Joe Friel breaks down the six key mistakes he sees triathletes make and offers his expertise on how to properly fix them. It’s funny but he misses some huge mistakes… Like the lack of practise in transition… The forgotten race plan… etc.

Le legendaire coach Joe Friel nous donne sa liste des 6 fautes que les triathlès font le plus souvent et offre son expertise pour les éviter. Je crois qu’il en oublie des tràs grosses comme… le manque d’attention à faire des bonnes transisions… Le plan de course oublié… etc.


One of our favourite (yes, our list is pretty long), Lauren Campbell have been low profile recently and she wrote a long honest post on the reason.

Une autre de nos favorites (oui, la liste est longue), Lauren Campbell
est plutot discrète en ce moment et elle s’explique dans un long post…

This has been a really tough pill for me to swallow. Last year was rough and I looked forward to this season more than anything. I always think I pay attention to detail and have good communication with my coach, but obviously something went wrong. It was possibly the ten-month training block I’m now coming out of that was too much (I was playing catch-up in the off-season after a year off), or not recognizing the signs of needing a break after Sydney, or simply getting a little older (eeek!) and not being able to handle quite the load of life and training stresses that I used to.



Another great post from INRG, Fines a cost of operating in Tour de France. Every time you see a mechanic leaned out of the car to fix a derailler, to give a shoe… = a FINE!

Yes, you read that right, it is actually against the rules for a rider to draw alongside the team car and get their bike fixed on the move with UCI rule 2.3.030 saying it must be only « when stationary » and 2.3.031 stating « persons riding in vehicles shall not reach or lean out ». It’s for safety reasons but an odd rule because if you’ve followed the sport for a while you’ll have seen many mobile repairs from an acrobatic mechanic hanging out of the team car.

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