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An interesting post by Rasmus about his cramps problems. He haves unfortunately a collection of DNF and he is trying to understand why.

Cramps is mysterious. We never know how and if it happens… Might be the electro muscle stimulator?

Un post intressant de Rasmus à propos de ses crampes récurantes. Cela a eu pour effet une collection impressionnante de DNF et il essaye de comprendre pourquoi.

Les crampes, c’est un phénomène mystérieux… on est jamais certains de la raison et on se question même des fois pour savoir si c’est vraiment arrivé…

Both times the cramps came out of the blue in T1 running from the changing tent and to the bike. In  only a matter of 2-3 steps from I felt the first hint of cramping until the leg was completely stiff. They were different from a ‘normal’ cramps which you can usually shrug off pretty fast. These are very massive and they won’t let go. In Abu Dhabi it took almost 3 hours until the cramps were released. In Aarhus it only took an hour and a half with the help of my wife Anita and I think it only went quicker because I stopped and didn’t jump on the bike – that was one experience I learned from Abu Dhabi where I tried to go out on the bike.

Something that has been new to this year and perhaps the most probable reason is that I started using an electro muscle stimulator in January. The stimulator sends signals directly to the muscle and causes contraction. Several people we talked to believed that this could shift the salt balance in the muscle cells and make it less resistant to cramping. Although there is a chance it has nothing to do with the cramps I will not be using it anymore


What I love about Rasmus is the fact that he talks too much… he always twit about his (too much) big training. You can follow him at @Rasmushenning


Ce qu’on adore de Rasmus est le fait qu’il parle trop. Il twit toujours ses (trop) gros entrainement. Vous pouvez le suivre ici @Rasmushenning

Solid day with 45min run, 5hr bike, 30min brick run and finally 1hr in the gym. Expect to sleep well:)


And guess what. Just 3 months before Kona, he is changing his coach leaving Michael Kruger for Matt Dixon. As usual, Rasmus give a lot of love and respect for his respect for his former coach… but the traduction is… I’m not happy with my fitness, I want to try something new. Matt Dixon is well know for his « recovery strategy ». He is working with Samantha McGlone, Linsey Corbin, Chris Lieto, Luke Bell.

« I am delighted to welcome Rasmus to the purplepatch. From our recent discussions it is obvious that we are aligned on how to prepare for endurance performance, and I think it will evolve to become a very successful partnership. I find it important to work with athletes who I truly can enjoy the process and journey, I believe that Rasmus will fit perfectly into the family of elite athletes at purplepatch fitness, » Matt Dixon states.

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