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La culture de la peur… le marathon selon TVA… du grand journalisme… on va demander à un vendeur de chaussures….


Voici la nouvelle tenue de Rasmus Henning (fastmus), National Geographic comme sponsor?


Pour relancer le débat de l’hydratation sur-évaluée… voici un article de Eload… Il faut désormais boire sa boisson pour ne pas se réveiller trop déshydraté et être incapable de bien faire ses exercices matinaux… vraiment?
It’s no secret why we weigh less in the morning. A half a litre (500ml/16floz.) of water weighs 0.5kg or 1lb. To calculate overnight fluid losses simply weigh yourself in your birthday suit before bed, then again in the morning after going to the rest room. To hydrate yourself you need to drink back your losses. This is particularly important on hot days. Ideally, the aim is to replace Fluid, electrolyte and carbohydrate lost overnight so as not to start your training or competition in a deficit.

Triathlon Québec publie un portrait d’athlète qui sera à Kona à chaque jours.

How to coach the un-coachable.

Triathlete have just release several videos with Craig Alexander. A must-see.

What’s up with Contador… did we forget him? 


What’s up with Longo? Shie is coming back with an vengeance.


La réalité d’un pro qui prépare Kona c’est quoi? Voici un aperçu du programme de Tim O’Donnell.

It started with an epic long ride with Ironman legend Craig Alexander. Seven hours and 137 miles later I had completed my longest ride ever and my Kona block had begun. It’s amazing how much you can eat when you are training 35+ hours a week. Ice cream, chocolate, everything was fair game. I was tackling training weeks with 375+ miles of riding, 75+ miles of running and just because I had to five swim sessions a week. I chose to do most of the sessions by myself since race day can be very lonely in an Ironman. My 2.5 hour runs and 5.5-6 hour rides were on my own, just my ipod and me. The Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind and Dave Matthews were my best training partners. I was incredibly surprised at how well I handled the training volume, especially at altitude. I was having better sessions than from my Ironman Texas preparation and it was not as taxing. The days were definitely long and as the fatigue of training accumulated the fog over my mind did too. I honestly think your IQ drops significantly during the big training weeks, I probably couldn’t have written this post in those weeks of training! I began to judge the difficulty of my training days by how many Mix1 (all-natural protein shakes) I was having in a day. One is pretty low key, two is standard, three is rock solid and lets just say I definitely had a few FOUR Mix1 days!


RTC Vancouver is ON! They just post a kind of manifest and we love it!

  1. use social media to build RTC community; fb, twitter, foursquare, blog, web,…
  2. turn medical and paramedical attention on systematic problems in program- on coaching issues
  3. be open to paradigm shifts in sport science
  4. take time to address tricky social issues NOW that will have huge impact later
  5. athlete education as important as athlete training
  6. saying no can be hard, but is an essential part of sustainable growth
  7. saying no does not mean responsibilities end there- positive follow up
  8. well planned change is positive
  9. fully integrated support team sharing info in real time; not weekly, not monthly, not quarterly nor yearly
  10. learning to not please everyone can have huge benefits on all the others


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