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When Usain Bolt is jogging. He is the perfect exemple of what not to do… slow slow cadence! Go read the calculation of Yes, it’s ugly ugly.

Wiggins don’t want to listen his coach (radio) during the race. He is listening only his powermeter!


it’s coming, it’s coming!!!! The Toronto Waterfront Marathon and Mungara wants more. and yes, I will be there and running! Mungara want to go sub 2:07.

Also in Toronto, the canadian 10km championship is this week-end. An elite field of 77 runners will be gunning for Canadian titles on Saturday making this the largest and most competitive Canadian 10km Championship in recent history.  On the men’s side Reid Coolsaet of Hamilton, Ont., Eric Gillis of Antigonish, N.S., and Rob Watson of Guelph, Ont., are all expected to be in the mix for top billing.  Leading the way for the women are Megan Brown of Guelph, Ont., Malindi Elmore of Kelowna, B.C., Lanni Marchant of London, Ont., and Dayna Pidhoresky of Tecumseh, Ont.

Suite à la controverse avec Paula Radcliffe qui se voit retirer son record de 2:15. Les organisateurs se voient forcés de faire partir les femmes en avant. La bonne nouvelle est qu’elle est toujours détentrice du record et son 2:15 est maintenant considéré comme « meilleur temps mondial ». Aussi, Paula fera son grand retour au marathon de Berlin. Que les jambes parlent!

En fait, cela signifie que tous les records AG (par age) devraient être déchus. Il va falloir des courses par tranche d’age?

As the debate simmered Wednesday among the sport’s officials and fans, the governing body, the I.A.A.F., prepared to rewrite the record books. Paula Radcliffe of England, scheduled to run the Berlin Marathon on Sunday, will arrive as the women’s world-record holder — but the record is no longer what she thought it was.

What was understood to be the women’s world marathon record — the 2 hours 15 minutes 25 seconds that Radcliffe ran over 26.2 miles at the 2003 London Marathon, in a mixed race with male pacesetters for elite women — is now out of consideration. So is the 2:17:18 she ran at the Chicago Marathon, another mixed race, in 2002.

What is now the record — yet only the third-fastest race that Radcliffe has run — is the 2:17:42 that she ran in London in 2005. In that race, elite women started 45 minutes ahead of the men’s field, racing and finishing separately, now a common practice in major marathons.

Her 2:15:25 is now considered merely a “world best.”


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