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Mo Farah,
 » I do not worry about times, I want to win medals. Medals can not go away, records can. »


Craig Alexander,
« Part of being a professional is adapting and I’ve been good at that – I’ve been able to roll with the punches for a decade. »

Unfortunately, Craig Alexander is also talking about Lance…

Alexander was far from surprised that Armstrong had raced so well at Panama and had no doubt the American would qualify for Hawaii.

« He’s one of the greatest endurance athletes ever, isn’t he, last time I checked? », he said.

« Lance showed he’s not mucking around.

« He’s one of the guys you’re going to have to go through to win the race. »

Alexander noted that apart from Armstrong’s ferocious will and meticulous preparation, the cycling great also owns a house in Kona, where the race starts and finishes.

« Good luck to him and you know what? If you’re going to beat him, you’re going to have to lift your game, » Alexander said.

« He’ll be first off the bike, no question, and he’ll do it in a way that doesn’t hurt him too much, either. »

Honestly, if I was Craig, I would be much more worry about Pete Jacobs and Greg Bennett. YES! With his victory in the 5150 final, he just need to complete an Ironman to get his ticket for Kona.

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Tune in to CBC’s The Nature of Things on March 15th to watch the highly anticipated running documentary by filmmaker and anthropologist Niobe Thompson. Can’t wait!

The Perfect Runner, Official Trailer from Niobe Thompson on Vimeo.


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