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Simon is Simon. To be honest… I really like him more now than before. Also, at we thinks that he should get royalties on the word relentless.

Complete article from CTV here.

« My goal is to get there, knowing I did everything I could, and to prepare wholly, » Whitfield said. « To lie in bed the night before and to know I did everything I could and now I just to go out there and express all of that. That’s my goal, to lie there the night before and say there’s nothing more I could have done. »

« I have a wife and two kids, and I have a lot more complicated life [than] when I was 24 in Sydney. I just ran around in my speedos, » he said. « That’s all I did. Life’s a lot more complicated, a lot more responsibility, but I have the same joy for the sport. »

This one should be displayed in every pain cave in the world. 

« Whenever people talk about getting a much, much bigger profile for triathlon … at the end of the day, we just play. We just run around and we challenge ourselves and it’s fun. Let’s enjoy that part of it. »




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